PIV / Motion capture

A full spec 2D/3D motion capture software

2D/3D motion capture software [DIPP-MotionⅤ]

A full spec off-line motion analysis software for all needs based on Normalized cross correlation, Binarization of gray-scale, HLS color, Checker-marker trackings.

2D.ver X-Y coordinates in 2D planar domain
3D.ver X-Y-Z coordinates in 3D space

Point/Distance/Angle/Velocity/Acceleration Velocity’s are analyzable.

DIPP-Motion gives a direct access to your problem and request by tree structure, automatic guiding, marker extraction, and various analyzing items.

Following user example case in

*automotive experiment
car crush, engine behavior, rotating machinery, suspention vibration

drop testing, wire bonding, chip mounter,

swallowing movement from videofluoroscopic picture(Dysphagia Rehabilitation)

*Sports science
gait/stride/approach analysis, equipment research, biomechanics

microorganism/sperm/protein behavior

*Heavy industry/Structure/Civil engineering
ship movement, mega-float, tsunami-experiment, shake table experiment

2D/3D PIV software [Flownizer]

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Auto guiding

Four tracking technology are prepared for your point detection. Normalized cross correlation, Binarization grayscale, HLS color tracking, and Checker marker. The algorithm will try to hold onto each target as much as possible to get the 2D XY coordinate from the video data.

Binarization grayscale

Binarized tracking menu has options to get an accurate result. Center of gravity, Circle fitting, Weighting(luminance gradient), and Center of rectangle. These options will help you to extract the center position of the target.

Checker marker

Checker marker tracking method is proactively used in automotive experiments. Brightness gradient and symmetry-based detection will make your analytical work easier and efficiently.

Pre processing

Transformation (flip, rotation, trimming, canvas size, resize, keystone correction, affine transformation) tools will help you correct the narrow camera position image to a vertical image.


Lens distortion correction

DIPP-Motion has a powerful lens distortion correction tool to get rid of the distortion of each lens and camera.This tool is specially useful for wide imaging and X-ray imaging.

Pre processing

Data analysis

All kinds of XY/XT charts are available for DIPP-Motion such as point, distance from begin, average point, distance between markers, rotation angle , three points angle , two line angle(for X,Y as 2D) (for X,Y,Z,XYZ as 3D), ROLL/PITCH/YAW (for 3D rigid body model). The DATA can be output in CSV(text files) and AVI/WMV (movie files).

Correlation Coefficient Map

3D calibration and rigid body models

DIPP-Motion uses DLT method to take out 3D real coordinates by estimating each channel's camera parameter. Using more than three 3D points, the software can calculate 6 DOF instinctively.

Data analysis


Spec of "2D/3D motion capture" DIPP-MotionV

tracking mode automatic, modify, manual
tracking method Normalized cross correlation, Binarization grayscale, HLS color tracking, and Checker marker
marker extraction function binarize / grid positioning for correlation
2D calibration general(2 point) , projection, grid
max measurement points no limit on software
max measurement frames no limit on software
3D calibration DLT
Lens distortion correction radial and tangential
pre processing transformation(flip, rotation, trimming, canvas size, resize, keystone correction, affine transformation), arithmetic/frame arithmetic(add, multiply, divide, subtract, absolute subtract, compare dark/light, AND, OR, Average)(frame by max, mini, average, median, max-mini), color(contrast, brightness, gamma, grayscale, binarize, negative, posterization, increase color depth), smoothing, noise remove, filter, channel, field divide, frame shift, pixel shift
post processing remove, interpolation, smoothing
output coordinates X, Y (2D), X, Y, Z (3D)
graph analyses item Point, distance from begin, average point, distance between markers, rotation angle , three points angle , two line angle, ROLL/PITCH/YAW(3Dmodel)
supported image format AVI, WMV(video), BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG(sequential still image)
supported data format project bainary(dm5), CSV
supported OS Windows7, 8, 8.1 (32 or 64bit)


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