High Speed Camera

high resolution digital high speed camera

high resolution digital high speed camera [HAS-D72]

2,000FPS in SXGA resolution with a new Japanese standard image sensor will cover multiple target’s. Max 16,000FPS.
Color/Mono, 1/1.8inch image size, C mount, Minimum 1μ shutter, Memory size 8GB or 16GB, USB3.0 fast interface.

user example case in

*production engineering
press machine/printing machine behavior, failure cause traceability

*research and development
crush test, structure collapse, vehicle movement,

*image analysis
any PIV/Motion capture experiment of fast phenomena

microorganism/sperm/metal stock behavior

*sports science
biomechanics, equipment research, golf swing

high sensitive digital high speed camera [HAS-D71]

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*2000fps high speed imaging in 1280 X 1024
*high speed USB 3.0 interface will give you a smooth access.
*multi camera setting is able by external synchronization and external trigger.
*perfectly suit's to stereo-PIV and stereo-3D experiments.
*easy operation and tablet GUI with your companion recording and viewer software.
*PC less recording is possible with hot swap function.

Frame rate and pixel size

max resolution = 1280 X 1024
max FPS in max resolution = 2,000 fps
max FPS = 16,000 fps in 1280 x 116

frame rate and pixel size

Connection diagram

USB3.0 interface will lead you to multi high speed recording system by using a USB3.0-HUB with your laptop/tablet windows PC.

connection diagram

Camera control software

Easy control is possible with a touch panel support layout. A number of functions such as live view rotation / grid display / gain / gamma / bit shift / white balance / pixel interpolation are available by one action

camera control software

Hot swap recording

HAS-D72 allows a PC less recording situations by hot swap recording function. You may remove the USB cable after standby and go on to a cable less trigger recording(TTL or switch trigger required). Insert the USB cable back to your PC and preview/save the image concerned when you finish recording.

hot swap recording


spec of "High Speed Camera" HAS-D72M/C

camera type color 36bit/ mono 12bit
sensor type CMOS
effective resolution 1280 X 1024 (SXGA)
sensor format 1/1.8 inch
lens mount C-Mount
interface USB3.0
shutter speed(exposure time) minimum 1 μ
sensitivity 6.8V/lx・s(mono) / 3.4V/lx・s(color)
power delivery 12pin AC (battery as option) / 12V
electric requirements 24 W
body size 73mm X 118mm X 187.4mm
body weight 1.2 kg
recording memory 8GB (16GB option)
supported image format AVI, WMV(video), BMP, JPEG(sequential still image)
supported OS Windows7, 8, 8.1 (32 or 64bit)
trigger function start, end, variable, random(TTL & switch)


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