PIV / Motion capture

PIV/Motion Capture

PIV software
Flownizer2D (a PIV 2D2C software including PTV 2D2C) and Flownizer3D (a PIV 2D3C) are useful in all kinds of flow visualization experiments in such example like wind tunnel, water tank, heat transfer, river, blood current.

Motion capture software
DIPP-MotionV(2D/3D) are useful in all kinds of motion analysis in such example like human motion capture, automotive, river/ocean models, robot control, animal/insect behavior.

What is PIV ?
PIV (Particle image velocimetry) is an optical method used in fluidics fields to analyze instant vector velocity by measuring minute change of generous fine particle image that traces the motion of the flow accurately in the image.

What is Motion Capture ?
Motion capture (motion analysis) is an optical method used in kinematic fields to measure moving data of people and objects using point and markers, and even naturally image patterns from the fine and accurate picture.

PIV samples and motion capture samples from DITECT’s accuracy image analysis software.

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